Heatwave and Power cuts Makes life difficult in Odisha

Odisha: Global Warming have you heard this term , some people say its all fake (like politicians) and some people (like scientists) have said its very real and its affecting us very badly.

Temperature is on a continuous rise and the people of Odisha are feeling it. The rapid growth in temperature which is the direct result of global warming has been hitting tropical countries very hard and India is no exception India is suffering more due to its Coal dependent Energy Generation Policy.

Bhubaneswar the capital city of Odisha recorded the highest temperature of 42.1° Celsius in April, Not to mention that season has yet to start.

It has become a topic of terror among common men and women and they are worried about how will they face such terrible climate conditions, not all Indian families can afford an air conditioner which makes the Summer season a climate which you won’t wanna face in Odisha given its geographical position on the neat equator.

The recent random power cuts have not made it easy for common people to find refuge from the heat. On the other hand, the increase in power consumption across the state has also raised a lot of questions about the current Fossil fuel-dependent policy of power generation which without a doubt in the future will lead to more destruction of the ecosystem due to CO2 emission and as result will create more heatwaves.

What Can we do ?

Firstly we need to plant more trees in order to balance out the emitting CO2 in our Atmosphere and doing so will also make out local ecosystem more resistant to heat waves .

Secondly we must find a better and greener solution for power generation such as nuclear power plants which as more efficient and more safe in-compare to fossil fuel power plant you can read more here.

And Finally No matter how small a change you think you are making do not give up even a smallest change by a insignificant man can contribute to something bigger , and in this case something as big as Global Warming

If We do not find and focus on alternate solutions now there will be no future left.

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